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Updated : August 06, 2007
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จากตอนที่ 1 เราได้ทราบ Open Source CMS Products กันไปแล้ว วันนี้เรามาดูระบบ CMS ที่เขาสร้างมาขายกันบ้าง (Commercial CMS Products) โดยผมได้รวบรวมจากไซต์หลายๆ ไซต์ผู้ที่สนใจอยากทราบว่าเขามีการผลิตระบบ CMS กันอย่างไร และนำระบบ CMS มาทำการค้าได้อย่างไร จากที่ค้นหาข้อมูลมาพบว่าบริษัทยักษ์ใหญ่หลายๆ แห่งต่างก็ใช้ระบบ CMS ในการทำเว็บไซต์องค์กรตัวเอง บางบริษัทใช้ซอฟต์แวร์ที่สร้างมาขายโดยเฉพาะ บางบริษัทก็ผลิต CMS ขึ้นมาใช้งานเอง


รวมลิงค์ระบบ Commercial CMS Products
• Microsoft CMS > Powered by Microsoft .NET–connected technology, Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 enables companies to quickly and efficiently build, deploy, and maintain content-rich Web sites. By streamlining the Web publishing process, Content Management Server can reduce the need for costly site maintenance, empowering business users to manage their own content.

• Lotus Workplace WCMS > Make it easy for all levels of employees to collaboratively create, organize, share and publish important business information with document and web content management software so you can provide the right information to the right person -- on demand where and when they need it! Lotus document and web content management products are integral components in the IBM Content Management portfolio, including DB2 and other data management products, and are available for both Lotus Domino and Lotus Workplace environments

• IBM DB2 Content Management > IBM® content management helps manage, share, integrate and deliver critical business information on demand. IBM software and solutions support challenging information types -- images, documents, reports, e-mail, web content, e-records, multimedia, computer report output and more. The integrated, comprehensive
content management portfolio assists organizations that must improve productivity, enhance responsiveness, and meet the demands of regulatory compliance

• Mobius > Mobius is the leading provider of total content management solution that support e-business and streamline internal operation

• Tridion >Tridion provides powerful content management solutions that enable you to turn your content into value. There are many complex challenges for companies when creating and delivering product and company information. Tridion and its partners provide effective solutions to manage these challenges and enable your organisation to achieve its business objectives by transforming and streamlining the delivery of that content

• Interwoven > ECM(Enterprice Content Management solution for
Business) Content is the lifeblood of business - Web pages, marketing collateral, branded images, litigation documents, contracts, forms, e-mail, and more. The sheer quantity of "unstructured content" is ballooning: by some estimates the amount of content doubles within an organization every six months. How this information is created, stored, reused and delivered defines the success of today's businesses. As the pace of content creation accelerates, it overwhelms business infrastructures, and generates a glut of imperfect information. This information is distributed to the extended enterprise, causing inefficiency, propagating misinformation and degrading brand value. Worse, it places organizations in the path of regulatory and legal risk from extensive discovery demands. Content represents an enormous investment in time and money and often intangible value. The ability to comprehensively mine, manage and unleash this information can deliver a massive tangible return on investment and sustainable competitive advantage. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) converts the potential of content into measurable value

• Huland OnBase > OnBase is an enterprise content management (ECM) solution that combines the technologies of document imaging, COLD/ERM, integrated document management, and workflow into a single web-enabled application. More than 4,500 companies are using OnBase to streamline their processes and share electronic information with their employees, business partners, and customers

• Hummingbird > Hummingbird Enterprise 2004 is a state-of-the-art integrated enterprise content management platform that enables organizations to unlock the value of business content and provides the foundation for building process-centric enterprise content management solutions. It offers the following capabilities

• Ego7 (Flash) > Flash Content Management System easy

• SiteExecutive > Systems Alliance announces the addition of a Content Import Toolset (CIT) to SiteExecutive?, the company’s Web Content Management System. With CIT, SiteExecutive can now migrate web content from pre-existing sites in an automated way. CIT greatly reduces the need for manual content conversion efforts while increasing the speed and precision with which sites can be enhanced and maintained.

• Libertas Solution CMS > Content management solutions are essentially business tools that are designed to enable organisations to ensure that their websites remain updated, providing fresh and accurate information to site visitors. Content such as text, images, links etc can be quickly and easily added, edited and maintained through Libertas Solutions CMS .

• Web500 CMS > Web500 CMS Professional is the world's first third
generation web content management solution built entirely on Microsoft .NET technology. This platform allows for creation and management of web content in a distributed collaborative environment. Web pages in Web500 can be built either as dynamic or static assemblies of form and content, organized, managed and stored in a central database ensuring the design integrity of the site. Completely browser-based, the system can be extended indefinitely through the use of Web500 Developer Studio

• FatWire > Content Server powers extended enterprise solutions that build customer loyalty, reach new markets, strengthen brand identity, boost productivity, and reduce costs. With Content Server

• iLevel > The Insite Server Web Content Management module eases and automates collaborative authoring, management and publishing of content and Documents for websites and intranets.Non-technical authors are able to write content using friendly browser-based WYSIWYG word-processing, structured eForms data entry, or the familiar MS Word application. Project managers retain control over workflow, information architecture, scheduling and content life-cycle. Developers can setup templates that follow organizational guidelines for information architecture, business logics and presentation layers, while being able to make sure that authors can simultaneously edit content but won't modify document elements they shouldn't have access to. Content and documents can be repurposed and converted to different formats, and simultaneously delivered to numerous channels

• Percussion > Percussion Software's practical solutions enable customers to maximize value from their enterprise content through cost-effective content management, ease of content reuse, optimized delivery to multiple channels and increased efficiency

• Livelink > Livelink Web Content Management Server (Livelink WCM Server) is a comprehensive Web content management solution that enables organizations to create and manage content once and re-use it as many times as necessary in a variety of publication types, including intranet, extranet, and Internet sites. Not only does it provide the ability to effectively manage increasing volumes of content, Livelink Web Content Management Server makes it easy for business users to author content and participate in the Web content management process, balancing the need for content control with the need for corporate agility and individual empowerment

• Day > Day provides Content Management , Portal Management and Digital Asset Management solution to the world's largest companies - unifying content from any source, regardless of location, language or platform

• Mediasurface > >Mediasurface Enterprise Content Management

• FileNet > FileNet Web Site Manager uniquely combines easy-to-use Web content management capabilities with sophisticated content delivery management to personalize the experience of your Web site visitors. Web Site Manager enables and simplifies the creation, approval and publication of Web content and complex documents to multiple Web sites, in multiple formats, and in multiple languages. FileNet Web Site Manager uses dynamic Web content delivery to provide a targeted, timely and relevant experience to audiences across multiple lines of business and even globally distributed sites. Its ease of use enables your business users to publish information quickly while giving Webmasters the necessary control to create, deploy and administer your sites.

• Stellent (Oracle) > Stellent® Web Content Management addresses the need for businesses to create and manage multiple Web sites. The Stellent system provides a strong, underlying Web content management infrastructure; an easy to use, in-context Web site authoring environment for business users; and a consistent approach for Web site creation and contribution that enforces IT standards for architecture, branding and corporate Web presence

• Vignette > Vignette Content Management provides applications, workflows, and templates to manage content, sites, content types and objects, and deploy and deliver information. It also provides a workflow manager, a roles-based command center and essential library services. The Vignette Command Center is a configurable, role-based management console that enables business and technical users to manage virtually all of their electronic assets and delivery applications through one interface. Users can share assets and collaborate on various tasks, using e-mail, familiar desktop applications and Web-based applications

• WCM > Documentum Web content management (WCM) enables organizations to leverage all of their corporate content to produce dynamic, multilingual Web sites and portals. Web Publisher is the primary product of the Documentum WCM

• RedDot > Your web site is often the first place customers learn about your business. Your employees use your intranet to find corporate information. Partners use your extranet to gain knowledge and understand your offerings. Managing a consistent flow of information to all these online channels is vital. Placing the ability to update the web content on your sites in the hands of those who know it best is key. But how can you publish up-to-the minute news and information about your organization consistently on your web site, intranet and extranet when your IT staff is already stretched to the limit? RedDot CMS? provides the power to change the way you communicate over the web

• Content-Wire > is a niche editorial product covering narrow vertical technology sectors, e-business, new economy and cyberculture

• OpenPages > OpenPages is the leading provider of enterprise governance, risk and compliance management software solutions that streamline knowledge-intensive processes to improve corporate accountability, reduce disclosure process cost, enhance internal controls management productivity, and increase investor confidence. The company’s portfolio of solutions includes Sarbanes-Oxley Express (SOX Express), the market-leading enterprise software application for automating the corporate financial reporting and disclosure compliance requirements of Sections 404 and 302 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

• Gauss > Gauss provides Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software solutions to help organizations enhance cost control, productivity, and information sharing across distributed locations. Gauss' integrated ECM solutions include document imaging; enterprise report management (ERM/COLD); workflow; Web content management; as well as enterprise portal and application integration capabilities. These capabilities help enterprises put unstructured content sources to work across departmental and geographic boundaries, adding value to the people, processes, portals, and applications that require them. The modularity, and scalability of Gauss ECM solutions gives organizations the flexibility to address both departmental goals, as well as more complex, enterprise-wide ECM strategies

• BroadVision > BroadVision is a global provider of personalized self-service web applications. Only BroadVision offers

• emagiC CMS > emagiC CMS Enterprise edition is the flagship of the Emagine CMS solutions. With all functionality available, it is the tool of choice for organizations that need advanced features such as extranets and XML integration. It is a trouble-free upgrade for emagiC Lite owners. emagiC CMS Enterprise is also available as a hosted solution. See the ASP version for details

• EM3 iOn > is the most comprehensive, ready-to-use Web content management software available. These features show you what's included out-of-box

• GlobalSCAPE > GlobalSCAPE offers a broad range of content management solutions designed to dramatically improve your organization's Web site or Intranet by streamlining content creation, management and publishing. Contact us to help find the solution that's right for your specific application.

• SiteRefres > Refresh Software's SR2 Web Content Management (WCM) solution offers Business and IT professionals a solution to manage organizational and customer focused content that is demanded in today's information driven marketplace. If it is an internet, extranet, or intranet website, SR2's easy to use interface and decoupled delivery architecture provides a manageable and sustainable solution that integrates into an existing infrastructure. Organizations that utilize SR2 benefit by delivering up-to-date information that empowers internal employees and captivates customers' interests.

• NQcontent > NQcontent is a dynamic web content
management system that extends traditional CMS capabilities to include a powerful application development and integration framework. NQcontent will revolutionise the speed and ease of delivery of your internet, intranet, extranet and portals, seamlessly integrating and future proofing your online investment.

สำหรับผลิตภัณฑ์ CMS ที่แต่ละบริษัทสร้างมาขายนั้นแต่ละบริษัทต่างชูจุดเด่นของตัวเองที่ความง่ายของการใช้งาน ในไทยเราเองก็มีบางบริษัทสร้างระบบ CMS เหมือนกัน เช่น NineNIC ผู้ที่สนใจอยากศึกษาระบบ CMS ที่เขาทำมาเพื่อการค้าลองศึกษาดูนะครับคิดว่าคงเป็นประโยชน์บ้าง หากต้องการข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมสามารถดูได้ที่ลิงค์ส่วนของ Resources ด้านล่าง

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