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Nucleus CMS
A PHP/SQL blogging tool which resides on your webserver. Includes multiple weblog capabilities, and RSS syndication.

Some examples of plugin functionality are given below:

* WYSIWYG item editing
* Statistics (most viewed/most commented/...)
* Comments/Item RSS feeds
* Calendar
* Chat (shoutbox)
* CSS style switcher
* "Email/Print this article"
* Fulltext-search of local, related, articles
* Fully integrated search (using google API, SOAP) of related outside articles
* Fully integrated search
* GZip your website, saving bandwidth
* Run polls, even with multiple questions
* Trackback
* Weather forecast / current weather plugin for all major cities in the world
* Who is online plugin (tracks members and visitors active within last 30 minutes)
* Comment moderation
* Comment preview
* Reply notifications
* Highlighting of search engine keywords